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Sami Davis is a Denver grown professional singer, multi-instrumentalist, and entertainer whose passion for music began at an early age. She began playing harp and piano around 8 years old but she didn't truly pursue music until she was 19, shortly after quitting her childhood focus of synchronized swimming (fun fact!). She has been striving to better herself as a musician ever since, in part by receiving a degree in Audio Production from the University of Colorado, Denver. Sami considers her voice to be her main instrument but she also plays piano and drums.

Sami has been working as a full-time musician at Howl at the Moon (an all request piano bar in downtown Denver) since September of 2014. During this time she also became the lead vocalist for a local band called Rocket Surgeons, which has brought her success in the Denver area. Their video titled "Broccoli" became viral, bringing international success and recognition to the band.